Tygon A-60-F Norprene Food Process Tubing Equivalent

Excelon Excelprene Food Process Tubing

Suitable for food, dairy, and cosmetic applications, Excelon Excelprene TPE Food Process Tubing is a durable, high-performance, and flexible tubing solution offered at a much lower cost than comparable alternatives. It is resistant to abrasion and cracking, and withstands acidic and alkali substances as well as both animal and vegetable oils. This Excelon tubing is also safe and easy to clean, since it works with most sanitizers and cleaners and can thoroughly flushed to avoid contamination of food and beverage substances.

Some other features of Excelon Excelprene TPE Food Process Tubing include :

  • Withstands temperatures ranging from -75°F to 275°F
  • Compatible with the majority of cleaners and sanitizers
  • Compatible with a wide variety of fluids
  • Meets NSF, FDA, and 3-A criteria.

In addition to being used in food, dairy, and cosmetic processing, this flexible tubing is also suitable for hot beverage dispensing, as it easily withstands high temperatures up to 275°F. Its chemical resistance and ability to maintain flexibility even when working with corrosive substances also make it ideal for chemical transfer applications.

Compare Excelon Excelprene TPE Food Process Tubing to Tygon A-60-F Norprene Food Process Tubing

Although it offers the same specifications of Tygon’s A-60-F Norprene Food Process Tubing, Excelon TPE food tubing is available at a lower cost. Compare for yourself:

Properties** Excelprene TPE Food Process Tubing Tygon A-60-F Norprene Food Process Tubing
Hardness, Shore A 61 61
Specific Gravity .98 .98
Elongation at Break, % 375 375
Brittle Temperature, °F -75 -75
Tensile Strength, psi 1000 1000
Max. Operating Temp., °F 275 275

**Values listed are typical and are meant only as a guide to aid in design. Field testing should be performed to find the actual values for your application.

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For a more complete comparison between these products, please download the technical service report.