RNT Braid Pressure Tube

For applications demanding both flexibility and strength, Excelon RNT Braid Pressure Tube fits the bill. This specially designed braided PVC hose is made with a layer of mesh polyester between two layers of clear PVC, providing reinforcement without sacrificing flexibility, or visibility of the substance flowing through it. It does not affect the taste or smell of the substance, and it is made of FDA-approved material, making it particularly suitable for food, dairy, beverage, fragrance, and other applications in which these features are important.

Other features of Excelon RNT Braid Pressure Tube include :

  • Nontoxic
  • Can handle 4x the pressure of a non-reinforced plastic tube
  • Meets 3-A and NSF criteria for food and beverage contact, as well as FDA
  • Inner bore is smooth to avoid trapping particles
  • Offers alternative to rigid piping
  • Unaffected by oxidizing and reducing agents

If you have any questions about Excelon RNT Braid Pressure Tube, contact Thermoplastic Processes today. We offer a variety of PVC tube products and extruded plastics to suit nearly any application.

Physical Properties* RNT FDA Braid Industrial Braid
Hardness, Shore A 80 80
Tensile Strength, psi 2500 2600
Elongation at Break, % 320 390
Brittle Temperature, F -50 -22
Max Operating Temp, F 175 185

* Values listed are typical and are meant only as a guide to aid in design. Field testing should be performed to find the actual values for your application.

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Excelon RNT Braid Pressure Tubing can be used wherever clear PVC tubing is appropriate, with an emphasis on high pressure uses where added strength is a necessity.

  • Food
  • Dairy
  • Beverage
  • Fragrance