Plastic Manufacturers of PVC, Polyethylene, Polycarbonate, Acrylic & other Plastic Tubing, Pipes and Rods

Throughout its 60 year history as plastics manufacturers, Thermoplastic Processes has been an influential player in the competitive plastic marketplace. Since it was founded in 1949, TPI has been an innovative developer and manufacturer of many well-known quality extruded plastics and other plastic products.

Today, Thermoplastic Processes continues to be worldwide leading plastic manufacturers as well as developers and suppliers of extruded and fabricated plastic materials. With a wide range of plastic and plastic related products, TPI offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive catalogs that include : PVC, beverage, and polyethylene tubing, an extensive selection of extruded acrylic and PETG tubing, rods, and profiles. We also serve as an alternative Tygon manufacturer and offer many products that are direct equivalents to Tygon tubing products at a lower cost. TPI’s focused dedication to product quality and integrity is never lost in our desire to respond to a customer’s every need.

Through the years, TPI’s market and product knowledge has enabled us to participate in the development of unique and innovative products for our customers. TPI’s mission has always been to provide superior service to our customers through a team of dedicated, exceptional people. “Work with TPI and work with confidence.”

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