An Affordable Equivalent to Tygon Vendflow® Formulation E-70-V-CE Tubing

Excelon Bev-a-Line V HT plastic tubing has a smooth inner surface that adds no taste to water and beverages. The plasticizer-free inner surface is safe for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, laboratory, medical devise and general usage. It meets FDA, USDA, National Formulary and USP standards.

This tubing is designed to be flexible across a broad temperature range, allowing for simple installation, yet it is strong and durable, thus reducing replacement costs. Plus, it’s much more affordable than PTFE tubing.

Available from stock in 10 different sizes, Bev-a-Line V HT tubing’s high clarity makes it easy to monitor flow. Other custom sizes and colors are available by special order.

The main features of Excelon Bev-a-Line V HT tubing include :

  • Equivalent to Vendflow® E-70-V-CE
  • Plasticizer free formulation for both inner and outer layers
  • Adds no taste
  • High clarity
  • Lightweight, flexible
  • Meets FDA requirements for food contact
  • Strong and durable

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Compare Excelon Bev-a-Line V HT Beverage Tubing with Tygon E-70-V-CE Tubing

Properties** Bev-a-Line
Hardness, Shore A 75 72 +/-5
Specific Gravity 0.935 1.2
Elongation at Break, % 550 240
Brittle Temperature, °F -60 -47
Tensile Strength, psi 2200 2300
Max. Operating Temp., °F 180 160

**Values listed are typical and are meant only as a guide to aid in design. Field testing should be performed to find the actual values for your application.For more information or a free quote on Excelon Bev-a-Line V HT Beverage Tube, or any of our alternatives to Tygon tubing products, please contact us today.


Food, beverage, pharmaceutical, laboratory, medical device, and general usage
Download our Bev-a-Line V HT Product Sheet.

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