Excelon PVC Pipe Fittings & Clamps


Solutions to Pipe Connectors, Fittings & Clamps

Thermo offers several solutions to connections and pipe fittings:

Clear Flexible PVC Fittings

Soft, flexible, F-1000 pipe fittings slide onto any tubing material (even metal or glass), absorb shocks, accommodate vibration, expansion and contraction. Friction fitted, clamped or assembled with adhesives, F-1000 standard fittings provide angular flexibility from zero degrees to 180°. Available shapes include : 180° U-bends, straight connectors, reducer fittings, 90° elbows, T-fittings and Y-fittings. F-1000 is also available in custom pipe fittings.

Prop-A-Fits – High Purity Pipe Connectors

Thermo’s Prop-a-Fit program allows you to join flexible tubing instantly and is used widely in industrial and laboratory tubing systems. Prop-A-Fits have serrated, tapered fitting ends that provide tight grip for a wide range of tubing sizes and has excellent chemical and temperature resistance.

Dura Clamps – Flow Valves for Flexible Tubing

EXCELON Clear & Rigid PVC Pipe: F1000, R2000, the 4000 Series & 8000 Series of Rigid PVC Pipe, Tube & Fittings


Food Processing, Laboratory and Chemical Applications, Electrical Conduit, Photofinishing  Equipment, or any Solid, Powder, Liquid, Semi-Pneumatic and Pneumatic Systems.

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