EXCELON Laboratory & Vacuum Tubing

Offering a low-cost yet high-quality solution for the transfer of liquids and gases, Excelon Laboratory and Vacuum Tubing provides premium performance, flexibility, and versatility. With a smooth-as-glass inner bore and crystal clear design, this Exclon tubing prevents build-up from occurring inside the tube, simplifying changeovers and clean up, and allows for easy monitoring of the flow of gases and liquids. Its proprietary design is made for extreme durability as well as flexibility, giving this PVC tubing the ability to withstand autoclaving and repeated gamma sterilization while also allowing for simplified and expedited set-up.

Some of the specifications of Excelon Lab and Vacuum Tubing include :

  • Available in a full range of standard sizes
  • Also available in heavy wall and metric specifications
  • Withstands up to 27″ Hg at 140-degrees Fahrenheit and a full vacuum rating (29.9″ Hg) at room temperature
  • Meets FDA CFR 21, Part 175.300 criteria

In addition to laboratory applications, Excelon Lab and Vacuum Tubing is perfect for paint, pigment and soap dispensing applications. Because it meets the FDA criteria above, it can also be used with peristaltic pumps and other medical devices.

Compare Excelon Lab and Vac Tubing to Tygon R-3603 Tubing

A direct equivalent to Tygon R-3603 in application, Excelon Laboratory and Vacuum Tubing averages a 30% lower cost than the Tygon brand without sacrificing performance. It is also a more cost-effective than silicone tubing and can be used as an alternative to latex.

Physical Properties Excelon Lab & Vac Tubing Tygon R3603 Tubing
Hardness (Shore A) 55 55
Tensile Strength (PSI) 1750 1650
Elongation at Break, % 465 450
Brittle Temperature (°F) -44 -48
Specific Gravity 1.18 1.18

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