Excelon Food Tubing

Smooth, nonporous and flexible, Excelon food tubing is an easy-to-install, high-performance PVC tube that is perfectly suited to filling, draining, processing, and transferring in food, dairy and milk product applications. FDA, UL, USP Class VI, USDA, NSF 51, and 3A approved, this food grade hose is available in both transparent and opaque colors and can be used with radiator clamp and barbed fitting styles. It is offered in custom-cut lengths according to your specifications as well as various diameters.

Resistant to both chemicals and bacteria, Excelon PVC tube has a smooth, dense bore to maintain an interior free of trapped particles for smoother flow, as well as bacterial resistance. It is also resistant to chemical cleansers and common sanitizers, and imparts no flavor or odor on foods or liquids.

Compare Food Tubing Excelon to Tygon B-44-4X Food Tubing

Excelon is a lower-cost alternative to Tygon B-44-4X food tubing but offers extreme purity and performance. And, it offers flexibility in ordering requirements as well as our signature superior customer service.

Physical Properties Excelon Food Tubing Tygon B-44-4X Food Tubing
Hardness (Shore A) 68 65
Tensile Strength (psi) 2,000 2,100
Elongation at Break, % 400 450
Brittle Temperature (°F) -41 -47
Specific Gravity 1.20 1.21

To request more information or a quote on Excelon food tubing, our exact alternative to Tygon B-44-4X, or any of our food tubing or  extruded plastic products, contact Thermoplastic Processes today.