Excelon Beverage Tubing

Excelon Beverage Tubing is a versatile, high-performance nontoxic, PVC tube suitable for transferring sodas, juices, teas, and bottled water. It will not affect the taste, smell, or texture of any drink and is a good choice for use in restaurants, bars, milk processing and handling, ice cream machines, and more.

Some of the features of Excelon Beverage Tubing include :

  • Non-toxic, odor-free, tastefree
  • Broad resistance to virtually all non-solvent chemicals
  • Easy to clean, inner bore allows complete drainage
  • Meets FDA, 3-A and NSF criteria for plastics contact with food and beverage products
  • Crystal clear for easy visual monitoring of fluid flow
  • Lightweight & flexible for quick, easy installing
  • Batch consistency

Excelon Beverage Tubing is the most widely specified grade of flexible PVC tubing, and is suitable for use in a wide variety of non beverage applicants, including pharmaceutical & cosmetics processing.

Compare Excelon Beverage Tubing to Tygon B-44-3 Beverage Tubing

With the same specifications and capabilities as the Tygon tubing, our Excelon Beverage Tubing is offered at a much lower cost so you can get the high-performance product without going over budget.

Properties** Excelon Beverage Tubing Tygon B-44-3 Beverage Tubing
Hardness, Shore A 63 63
Specific Gravity 1.2 1.2
Elongation at Break, % 410 410
Brittle Temperature, °F -49 -49
Tensile Strength, psi 2300 2300
Max. Operating Temp., °F 165 165

**Values listed are typical and are meant only as a guide to aid in design. Field testing should be performed to find the actual values for your application.

For more information and a quote on Excelon Beverage Tubing, more Tygon alternative tubing products, or any of our food or beverage tubing options, contact Thermoplastic Processes today. As a Tygon alternative manufacturer, we offer a range of products to suit your needs at an affordable price.


For a more complete comparison between Excelon Bev and Tygon B-44-3, please download the technical service report (PDF).