Excelon Lab Tubing by Thermoplastic Processes

As a part of our effort to provide our customers with a comprehensive catalog of products for their needs, Thermoplastic Processes offers three distinct types of lab tubing. Each is designed with slightly different specifications, but all are made with the same high quality materials and attention to detail that defines our reputation and offered at extremely competitive prices.
Our laboratory tubing options include :

  • Excelon RNT Lab Tubing – RNT 60 – Part of the Excelon RNT product family, RNT 60 is designed for strenuous lab conditions and can be used in a number of related applications, including chemical analysis, oxygen lines, and more.
  • EXCELON Laboratory & Vacuum Tubing – This product is similar but not exactly equivalent to Tygon R-3603 and serves as a much lower-cost alternative. It has a higher tensile strength, percentage elongation at break, and brittle temperature.
  • Excelon PVC Laboratory & Vacuum Tubing – This product is a direct equivalent of Tygon R-3603 Tubing. It has the same exact physical specifications and can be used in the same applications, but is offered at a lower price.

To learn more about our lab tubing options, or for a quote on any of these or our other plastic tubing products, please contact Thermoplastic Processes today.