Excelon Gas & Oil Tubing – PVC G&O


If you’re looking for tubing that can stand up to even the most intense environments, then Excelon Gas & Oil Tubing is a perfect solution. As part of our RNT PVC tube line, PVC G&O is specially designed for enhanced durability and performance with gas, oil, kerosene, and cutting compounds. Offered in a variety of sizes, it can be custom cut to meet your needs and is available in a transparent yellow color.

Some of the features of PVC G&O include :

  • Flexibility and availability in strippable, multi- or twin bore configurations allow for easy set up
  • Resists oxidation, bacteria, and chemicals
  • Thermal and chemical bonding
  • Can be used with barbed type or radiation clamp fittings

For more information on Excelon Gas and Oil Tubing, other oil and gas tubing, or any of our other plastic tubing, contact Thermoplastic Processes today. We can also provide a free quote for this and any of our other products.


Gas, oil, cutting compounds, and kerosene