Translucent Mini-Bore Tubing

Micro-Line is a biologically stable material developed to meet the most stringent requirements for a non-toxic, non-contaminating environment. Micro-Line is a translucent, odorless and tasteless mini-bore tubing that offers practical solutions to problems encountered in biological or clinical laboratories and hospitals.

  • Meets FDA Regulation 21CFR177.1350
  • Meets or exceeds USP Class VI
  • Meets or exceeds National Formulary Vo. 14
  • Non-toxic
  • No plasticizers are used in the manufacturing of Micro-Line
  • No leaching or migration
  • Very flexible with virtually no kinking
  • Retains flexibility in sub-zero temperatures
  • Resists age hardening
  • Retains 100% plastic memory

Micro-Line is easily fabricated and workable to fit connectors, needles or fittings; Heat expand it; Heat shrink join it; Expand it; Force fit it; Thread it; Restore it; Join it; Heat connect it; Fabricate it; Bend it; Reduce taper it and/or cut it.


Biological or clinical laboratories and hospitals.

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