Current Stock Available & Ready To Ship In 48 Hours Or Less:

  1. Polyethylene Tubing
  2.  ACRYLIC Rod and Tubing
  3. Flex PVC Tubing
  4. NYLON Tubing
  5. Polycarbonate Tubing
  6. Rigid PVC Pipe and Tubing
  7. CAB Butyrate Tubing
  8. Tygon Equivalents
      • SUPERSTOCK items will be replenished within 96 hours if out of stock. 
      • SUPERSTOCK items are highlighted yellow with a star.
      • Available STOCK is updated at the beginning of each business day.
      • STOCK items will ship within 48 hours if ordered before 3pm EST.


  • Minimum per line item: $75
  • If order is over $400, $75 line item minimum for stock items will be waived.
  • No Broken Box Fees!
  • No Small Order Fees!
  • No Drop Ship Fees!
  • A pallet charge of $15.00 is added to all orders if a pallet is required.