Excelon Beverage Tube

Suitable for sodas, juices, teas, and even water, Excelon beverage tube is a versatile, high-performance option for a variety of beverage applications. With a brittle temperature of -40 degree Fahrenheit and an ability to transfer semi-liquids and gases as well as liquids, it can be used for anything from bottling to restaurants and bars, milk processing and handling, ice cream machines, and more. Offered in three configurations to lower installation time, this beverage tubing promotes neat multi-line systems and is made of clear plastic to allow for easy flow monitoring.

Excelon is a nontoxic, PVC tube that will not affect the taste, smell, or texture of any drink. FDA, USDA, USP Class VI, NSF 51, 3A and UL approved, it is resistant to bacteria and chemicals, and its easy-to-clean design allows for a high standard of sanitation with little work. It can be flushed with nearly all sanitizers and other conventional cleaners, and it can even be sterilized via radiation or gas.

Compare Excelon to Tygon B-44-3 Beverage Tubing

For those seeking performance at a reduced price, Excelon beverage tubing offers a lower cost yet high quality alternative to Tygon B-44-3 beverage tubing.

Physical Properties Excelon Beverage Tube Tygon B-44-3 Beverage Tubing
Hardness (Shore A) 68 63
Tensile Strength (psi) 2,000 2,300
Elongation at Break, % 400 410
Brittle Temperature (°F) -41 -49
Specific Gravity 1.20 1.20

In addition to this similar option, we also offer a direct alternative to Tygon B-44-3 that has the exact same physical properties. For more information or a quote on Excelon beverage tube, other beverage tubing products, or any of our plastic tubing and other products, contact Thermoplastic Processes today.